Texporter is a utility plug-in for 3D Studio MAX. Its main purpose is simple mesh painting. If your mesh painting needs are not heavy, then this utility will serve you well in your works. It simply unfolds the mesh according to its mapping coordinates and lets you paint whatever you want using your favorite painting program (Photoshop, Fractal Painter, etc.) You can also use this template image to warp an existing image (your photo maybe) so that it fits perfectly to the mesh when you map it onto the mesh.

It’s advantage over the 3D mesh painters is you can use your favorite painting program which will have much more painting tools. Interactivity on the other hand is the minus part. :o)

How does it work?

It converts mapping coordinates of a mesh object to a bitmap. This may be considered as the reverse of “Mapping” process, where you fold a UV plane on a mesh using various techniques (planer, spherical, etc.) What Texporter generates is a bitmap on which you can see topology of the mesh in UV space (not 3d space). This can be thought as the unfolded mesh. This “unfolded” map then can be used as a template to paint texture (or bump, opacity, etc.) maps on your favorite painting program.